Yuneec Typhoon H un-boxing and first flights

I finally received my Typhoon H hexcopter. Yuneecs latest and most advanced prosumer camera drone.

Typhoon H

Below is my unboxing video. it’s just under 5 minutes which is longer than I like. It as my first attempt at Facebook live, I did it outside on my picnic table, please excuse the video and audio quality

The un-boxing of my Typhoon H went well. everything was there and in good working order.

Disclaimer: If you read this please know that I understand most of it is my opinion, and that issues I may be having may be caused by me as I go through the learning curve. Also understand that I have been flying model aircraft for over 40 years

First Impressions

Over all I love this copter. Compared to other multirotors I have flown. The Typhoon H is fast, maneuvers crisply. stable and easy to fly.

Typhoon H Gimbal and 4Kcamera

I like the camera can tilt above the horizon looking slightly upward.
The video and photos are great. I love the 360 gimbal, and the that the gear retracts to take advantage of it.

4K-12 megapixel camera takes great pictures and videos

Battery life is over 20 minutes which is very acceptable for me. I’m even okay with the 2+ hour charge times, although I’m looking forward to hooking up smart/fast charger to them.

I like the ST16. Even though it is large I found it comfortable, easy to use, and surprising intuitive as I learn to use it.

The 7 inch screen is great.

I find it very light but not cheap feeling as some others have said. I think the folding arms and quick disconnect props work well.

Typhoon H
Typhoon H

Time for the ST16 Transmitter to connect to the camera, seems pretty long to me.

I wish the camera Pan knob was on the far left where the tilt mode toggle switch is. Then I think I could roll it with my finger while my thumb stayed on the left control stick.
However it has not been an issue while flying yet. I have panned the camera instead of rotating the copter so when I’m turning the knob I don’t need to use the left stick any way. You can use the pan knob to set the pan speed (gimbal rotation speed. then switch your hand to the control stick to change altitude if you wanted to do a rising, or lowering pan shot.
Panning with the gimbal makes for a much smoother pan than rotating the copter, especially in windy conditions.

So far I am not a fan of the straps holding the big ST16. They come very close to the sticks.
Not saying you should do this but if it was hovering in the air and you bent over and the TX hung up on your belt, or if you set it down for a minute I nervous the strap may move a stick.
I found myself wishing I had a transmitter tray like I made in middle school wood shop. Maybe I will get used to it, maybe I will make something.

It took some studying to figure out the top left switches. “Tilt Mode” “Pan Mode”. reading the forums It seems to me there is some confusion on them. I’m still not 100% on them but have worked out how to set them for what I have been doing so far.
Which brings me to my next issue, detailed step by step documentation/How to Videos seems to be lacking from Yuneec.

Other than follow me, watch me, and POI (POI orbits the drone around a fixed point) I have not had any success with any of the specialty/autonomous flight modes. I’m sure I will figure it out.
I know I’m an older guy, but I’m pretty tech savvy with most things, so when I stumble with something I can’t help but wonder is it me, or could this have been done better.

With years of RC experience I’m really comfortable in angle mode which controls the copter like most RC vehicles, i.e. left is based off the direction the copter is pointing not the direction you are pointing as in smart mode.
I am not as comfortable in smart mode.
As I unsuccessfully played with the orbit, Cable Cam, and Journey modes I found it would hang up in smart mode for a few seconds after I switched it back to angle mode with the toggle on the radio. I’m sure it is something I am doing but I feel when you push a hard toggle switch it should override any automatic functions.

Here is some video of POI mode

The Wizard

Typhoon H yuneec_wizard_stick_gps_tracker_q500
Typhoon H Wizard

The first versions of the Typhoon H shipped with a Wizard. The Wizard is about the size of a small TV remote and will fly the Typhoon H or the Typhoon Q500. It is perfect for clipping on someone/something to have the copter follow it, or do a selfie. without the bulk of the ST16 controller

My wife and I often do some cool/fun stuff and we love our selfies. I am tired of being in shots holding a transmitter. So I really like the idea of the Wizard.

Knowing this going in I made it a point to spend 1/2 of my first flights using the wizard. So to date I have 2 flights with the wizard.

Years and years of RC TX use gives me decent muscle memory for flying with the ST16. The Wizard however has me back at square one. The premise is simple enough I just need some practice. I find it mildly inconvenient that I have to bind the wizard to the H to use it, then if I want to fly with the ST16 I have to bind it to the H, that which of course unbinds the Wizard. So back and forth as you change controlling devices. Fortunately the binding process is fairly easy for each.

Typhoon H Wizard WBCF-Card
Typhoon H Wizard

The Wizard works as advertised… actually works better than advertised as it has a couple functions with the H that it apparently didn’t have before. Besides being able to raise and lower the gear, you can turn on/off obstacle avoidance, start and stop video recording and take stills with it. I found this info on the cheat sheet card that came with it. I have tried all of it and it works pretty well once you figure out the button technique.

The wizard is mainly for watch me mode and it works very well with it.
It can also be used with “Team Mode”. In team mode you fly the Typhoon H with the Wizard and a second person controls the camera with the ST16.
If I was doing a photo or video shoot using team mode I think I would feel more comfortable flying the copter with a standard Transmitter. Yuneec says you can do this with the ST12. Also from what I can tell the Wizard doesn’t allow for all the fancy autonomous flight modes you might use for such work, like CC, or POI.
I have not tried it with team mode yet. but team mode or not I am looking forward to playing with it more.

The biggest issue I have had so far with the Wizard is my lack of experience/muscle memory. A couple of tense times out of nervousness I almost flew it into a tree. I will keep practicing.

Here is a short video of me flying the H with the Wizard.

I have started using the Typhoon H to help finish my latest video project I started “The Welaka Lodge & Resort Dockside Bar”

This is what I have so far shot with my Yuneec Typhoon Q500. I plan to redo some of the shots and add some new shots with the H.

That’s about it on the Typhoon H for now.

Here is some quick catch up.

  • In April I went to the Drone Dealer Expo, hooked up with a Drone Distributor and this month I opened an online drone store.
    esides great deals on camera drones and have set up links to some of the best tutorials I know of on the web.
  • Partnering with my friend Mark of 808 Post We are waiting on a 333, as well as FAA Part 107. In the mean time I’m doing video/photos for free while I work on improving my skills. will become my video service site when I get time to update it.I hope you enjoyed this post, as always drop me a line or post a comment if you have any questions or have anything you would like to share.

Until next time fly safe




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